Transparent Phone

Here’s an official concept phone this time, one created by Aston Martin and Mobiado, the famous luxury gadget designer. What you can see below is a transparent phone running Android and these are all renders, right now. Dubbed the CTP002, this phone is a big sapphire glass surface with titanium edges.
The glass is in fact a capacitive touchscreen and Mobiado hopes to also implement a SIM card slot, a chipset and a battery on this gizmo. Mobiado CTP022 is supposed to connect to the car and its display, with the latter showing a map of local venues and friends from the Foursquare network. Turns out that the camera in your car can snap a photo and post it on Facebook letting everyone know you own an Aston Martin.

This is all daydreaming if you ask me, but the concept of the device will be shown at BaselWorld in Switzerland, so feel free to drop by, if interested.

Transparent Phone1

Transparent Phone2

Transparent Phone3

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    3. Brandon says:

      What happens when you drop it?

      • preston says:

        It will shatter, unless they go with plexiglass or transparent aluminum. its Au.mar. so it will probb be the best stuff on the market. i guess the phone will cost about 7500 $ or 10000 euros. and will be optional on the new car

    4. Asilium says:

      what happens if its dark? it doesn’t look like it would “light up” well… idk it looks cool but the concept is a bit flawed?

    5. Pmcdon says:

      Phones need internal electronics to work. Add a speaker, microphone, antenna and circuit board to your concept please. Then see how it looks.

      • Takinomfan says:

        Well, obviously. But you dont see the two bars on the side? There’s plenty of room in those for phone circuits. And if they need some more room, they can just use silicon wiring directly in the glass. Silicon is transparent.

    6. happylittletrees says:

      i suppose it could work but the internals are important, id suggest something like a accurately placed set of parallel web-like wire contact point to then place within the required microphone, speakers etc to keep it all uniform and as clutter-less as possible. like perhaps a dedicated 1.8 cm cubed within the top and bottom then it will give ample space to fit everything inside.
      problem solved

    7. fajas colombianas says:

      Maybe they could post the semi transparent circuitry on a different picture so the phone would be a bit more believable.

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    15. iPad Accessories says:

      Cool!Can you imagine the price tag on this baby, considering the brand name Aston Martin? Not for the weak pockets. I love the idea though.

    16. almekhlafi says:

      wow this very smart and very nice

    17. sinema izle says:

      You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

    18. Bob says:

      God forbid you set it down and lose it.

    19. john says:

      tailored to the wealthy. what a load.

    20. alex says:

      what are the benefits of a transparent cell fone?????

    21. sell iphone fast says:

      is that even possible??? why’s it have to be transparent? and just like alex said.. what’s the use??

    22. Hotel Web Design says:

      I think it looks great. but really… impactandy has a good point. it better come with those gloves.

    23. I wish there was a way to block concept stumbles.

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    27. Vimal dwivedi says:

      The concept and model of this phone is great but will it be reliable and can it will meet with user interface….

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    39. Boombox says:

      [...] Transparent phone [...]

    40. Jithin Johny George says:

      fabulous article…waiting for more..

    41. nikhil says:


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    44. Ali Singer says:

      I think it’s awesome, I would love one for myself. If the price gets down to under $1000, then it could be eligible for pickup by major carriers who can subsidize the cost over the contract period.

    45. Godlove says:

      It looks great

      I want to get one.

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